Management consulting

An organisation strategy is probably the most fundamental driver in that business’s success. It is a roadmap for how the business plans to get to where it wants to be, and should affect each staff member’s behaviour and decisions.

KMHRC assists organizations develop, refine and implement their strategy. The following are examples of the problems that we typically address as part of strategy engagement:

  • Where do we see ourselves in 5 – 10 years time?
  • Which services / products should we focus on?
  • Which customers should we be focusing on and how best can we reach them?
  • What do we do to better meet our customer’s needs?
  • Are we headed for long-term profitability?
  • What do we need to do to create customers satisfactory level?
  • How should we segment our clients?


Your organisation should be running at peak efficiency. At KMHRC we can help you transform the way work is conducted so that the organisation is running at its optimal levels, as well as ensuring that the various business strategies (admin strategy, implementation strategy etc) are aligned to corporate strategy.

Here we address:

  • How do we get our services to the clients / customers first?
  • How do we increase cash flow?
  • How can we do this activity more efficiently?
  • Do we really need to do this activity?
  • How do we better manage the relationships with our customers?
  • How do we market to a particular service / product?
  • How can we use technology to reengineer our processes?
  • Where are we spending money and are we getting maximum output for the money spend?
  • What needs to change to make this operation more efficient?
  • How do we treat each customers?
  • What are the key measurements our managers should be focusing on?